• Carrie Carter

The Fellatio Ratio

There’s something rather special about having a man’s dick in my mouth. Obviously the usual caveat applies about hygiene - no one wants a pungent body part anywhere near their face, let alone in their mouth! But assuming he’s mopped the floor and dusted behind the cupboards, so to speak, well then I am rather fond of the act of fellatio. But it’s not just about getting the dick in and sucking away like an award-winning Dyson. The build up needs careful consideration, as does the ending. I treat fellatio as a three part act.

Act 1

I like to lie my man down on his back, naked on the bed. That’s where we start proceedings. I’m usually just in knickers and hold ups by this point, my huge natural breasts exposed and swinging in the air conditioned breeze of the hotel suite. On my knees between his legs, I toss my hair back (which FYI is now shorter than in my photos) and lower my face down to his groin.

I don’t start at the dick. That would be far too obvious and I like to throw in a curveball. Well two curveballs in fact, because I always start at the next station down. I flick my tongue around his balls sensually and seductively. I kiss them, maybe even nibble them...gently of course. The balls are the poor cousins of the penis, and I always like to let them know that this naughty girl, for one, appreciates them.

It’s only after I have given his balls an adequate amount of attention that I move up to his dick. But I still don’t put it in my mouth. Instead, I lick that now solid shaft from bottom to top like it’s a lollipop. When I get to the top I flick my tongue teasingly around the head, and go back down again to repeat. It’s basically the same technique I use when devouring a Twister...and I am a greedy girl.

Act 2

He’s been wound up so much by my awesome ice lolly skills that when I finally slide his dick into my wet, inviting mouth he instantly moans in pleasure. I begin by sucking and wanking him at the same time, my right hand gripped around the base of his cock, my red fingernails looking extra slutty. My head bobs up and down, slowly at first, the tempo increasing with time. And when I say time, gentlemen, this is not a 30 second affair over here…

I remove my hand from the base of his cock, and he knows this is his cue. His palms now on the back of my head, he forces me down. His dick disappears down my throat, and my lips are touching his balls. He holds me there momentarily, until he feels me gag, and then releases. Saliva pours from my mouth, my eyes start to run. I catch my breath and we go again. This time he holds me down for even longer, calling me a slut and whore. He loves the feel of my throat around his cock as he degrades me, and honestly, so do I.

Act 3

I jump off the bed onto the floor to get down on my knees. He towers over me and I look at him, teasing him with my innocent eyes and opening my eager mouth wide. I love this position. With my hand around the base of his cock, and the end in my mouth, I start sucking him again, but this time he gets to gently pump my face too. My hand stops him going too deep - it’s my safety net - but every now and then I remove it so he can fill my throat as he pleases.

How long can the average man last when he’s getting A* grade oral? Answer is usually not very long. I sense he’s getting close, he’s pumping my face faster and his moans are getting louder. I take his dick out of my mouth and start wanking it with those slutty red fingers. I tell him I want his cum over my face and in my mouth. I don’t have to ask twice. I feel the gooey stickyness everywhere I requested. I look like a hot, slutty mess and I feel like one too. And that’s just how I like it.

Should you fancy auditioning for the part of 'man', my emails and text messages are open.


I cannot stress the importance of hygiene for this experience. If I get even the slightest whiff of anything other than soap I will drop kick you into the shower and then cover you in a full body condom (yes, I carry these). You will be GUTTED. But I get paid either way, so you may as well facilitate me doing my job well.


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