• Carrie Carter

Roleplay Romance

Can I let you into a little secret? I love roleplay. It's definitely not a pre-requisite for our date and you need not worry that I am going to give you a ton of lines to learn in advance! But if roleplay excites you then I would love to explore it with you. The power dynamic that a good roleplay scenario can bring to a meeting should not be underestimated. And the roleplay scenario can be subtle, no scripts need to be written, we just need to know which character we are and off we go!

Executive Slut

Do you like to feel in charge? If so, maybe I could be your secretary or executive PA, new to the job and very eager to impress you in my tight pencil skirt, blouse, stockings and high heels. My oral skills get a really good workout during a roleplay scenario like this, as I spend so long using my mouth to devour and pleasure you and keep you happy. A businessman needs to relax, and your naughty, submissive secretary is here to help you do that. Every now and then we break so you can spank your secretary, and admire her perfect form from behind. Sex is in those positions that bring you maximum pleasure, and deepthroat is a must.

Bratty Babysitter

Maybe a more taboo scenario is on your mind? I don't enjoy under 18 scenarios, but a just over 18 roleplay that I love to act out is being that naughty, impressionable, college-age babysitter. You drive me home after a night out with your wife, and decide you are going to corrupt me. A roleplay scenario like this is full of energy, excitement, and you taking full charge and telling me what to do. After all, you are the experienced older man taking advantage of the inexperienced teen. You can (ethically) boundary push on this one, offering me (pretend) money to do more and more to satisfy you. I am shy and coy and find it hard to say no.

MILF Next Door

I've popped round to borrow a cup of sugar, only problem is i've done it in black lingerie, stockings, heels and a lacy gown. This MILF next door is horny as hell and is going to use you in every conceivable way for her pleasure, whether you like it or not. This scenario often involves lots of tie and tease, MILFy is always in charge, and her pleasure the number one priority. Ever experienced arse worship, breast worship or wax play? This scenario is all about you being used and consensually abused. Book her at your risk!

A Roleplay Date in Birmingham

There really are a ton of possibilities we can explore, and I am open and excited to read your suggestions. When we're on a dinner date, it always adds and extra dash of anticipation, knowing we will be slipping into character when we get back to the room.....

Think on it, get in touch and let's get planning soon.

Carrie xx


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